Dear Lord,
As tears fall, I confess I am afraid.
It is fear of the unknown.
My life spins out of control, and
I do not know where to anchor.
I pray for peace.
You have peace that passes understanding.
I pray for the faith to win this battle.
Please grant me the strength
and courage for this journey
and walk with me, I pray.


O God,
From the moment of the diagnosis,
Nothing else mattered.
I could not hear.
I prayed daily.
I prayed to relax.
I listened to the sound of ocean waves
and thunderstorms.
I imagined those storms
fighting the battle within.
And I was calmed.
O God, I want to be healthy,
As healthy as the sea filled with all the life
within it.
And with that thought, with that petition,
Suddenly, I knew:
I knew you would help me survive.


Thank you, God, for my sister.
I will travel with her through
Whatever her cancer costs her,
whether it is
fear or pain or humility or time,
to reach healing.
I will not falter.
Thank you for the
special strength siblings share.
Thank you for turbans.
Thank you for summer afternoons
and clear winter nights.
Thank you for big comfy couches
where we loll and reminisce,
holding hands across the memories.
Thank you for the healing, for the brilliant
moments of looking ahead.
Thank you for our spouses who are thoughtful
and understand our time together.
Thank you for her smile.
Thank you for her valor.
Thank you for healing.
Thank you for tomorrow.
Thank you, God, for hearing our joyful noise.
We are stronger forever in your holy name.


Give her strength to face all the actions
she will bear,
Grant her understanding for all the unknown
she must meet,
Bring her courage in all she must battle.
Bless her with great wisdom,
Help her overcome her fears and doubts,
Let her discover her many great gifts
from within.
Heal her and embrace her
with great confidence,
Bless her with kindness and compassion,
Make her a source of energy for others.
Allow her to face each new day with joy;
offering hope to all,
With arms uplifted,
we pray for this disease to be erased
so that others may never have to suffer.
Embrace the Army of Earth Angels
dressed in Pink;
make them whole and restore them to
complete health.